A game of chance in which gravity is the main element.

Picture this. Place 2000 numbered golf balls into a metal cage.

Ball in hand

Raise that cage 70 feet into the air above a plastic cup that has been carefully installed into the earth.

Hole with "in-ground" camera

Stand by with cameras.

Tension mounts.

At the appointed time, one lucky participant grabs hold of a long rope that is connected to the cage that hangs still in the air.

Wait for it. Don’t trip over the rope and pull it prematurely.

Here we go.

3 – 2 – 1  pull!!

2000 numbered golf balls begin their decent to the ground, all fighting for position (see video).

Which ball will enter the cup AND stay there?

And the winner is…..

This year’s Grand Prize was $5105 (the 50/50 split of all money raised)
Our winner:  Kim Spiteri – Orangeville

Congratulations Kim!

Ball Drop